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Louis Y. Van Dyke, a charter memberof The Conference on Faith

and History, has retired as Professor of History at Dordt College.

The new director of the Young Centerfor the Study of Anabaptist

and Pietist Groups at Elizabethtown College,One Alpha Drive,

Elizabethtown PA 17022 and Professorof History and Religion at the

college is David B. Eller. He invites interested scholars to contacthim at

717/361-1467 or by eMail=ellerdb@acad.etown.edu.

John Fea (State University of New York at StonyBrook) is the

recipient of a dissertation fellowship for 1998-1999 at the McNeil Center for

Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

R. David Rightmire (AsburyCollege) is the author of Salvationist

Samurai: Gunpei Yamamuro and the Rise of the Salvation Army
in Japan

(1997), published as Nr 8 in Scarecrow Press's Pietist andWesleyan Studies

Series,Scarecrow Press, 1997. The book examines therole of Yamamuro

(1872-1940) in the transformation ofthe Army into an indigenous

expression ofWesleyan-holiness mission, adapted to the needs of Japan's

emerging industrialized society.

John F. Howes, retiredfrom the University of British Columbia,is

editor of a collection ofessays on the Japanese Christian internationalist

and onetime undersecretary of theLeague of Nations Nitobe Inazo:

Japan's bridge across the Pacific
(Boulder, Westview, 1995).A Japanese

translation will bepublished this year. Nitobe led the handful of those

who questioned Japan'sinvasion of China which led to Pearl Harbor and

symbolized the dilemmawhich confronted those who opposed unbridled

militarism. Thetwelve authors reflect disparate points of view from

Japan, Canada and the United States.

Three of the papers that were presented at the Fall1994 CFH

meeting at Messiah College have nowbeen published in a collection

entitled: Reading for MoralProgress: 19th Century Institutions Promoting

Social Change
. The essays are by Donald G. Davis, Jr., "Bread Uponthe

Waters: The Printed Word in Sunday Schools in 19th CenturyEngland

and the United States;" DavidM. Hovde, "The Library Is a Valuable

Hygienic Appliance;" and JohnMark Tucker, "Wide Awakening: Political

and Theological Impulses for Readingand Libraries at Oberlin College,