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1883-1903." Order yourcopy now from OCCASIONAL PAPERS, The

Publications Office, GraduateSchool of Library and Information Science,

University ofIllinois, 501 Daniel St., Champaign, IL 61820. EMail:


Albert Bell (HopeCollege) has published A Guide to the New

Testament World
(Herald Press). The book is intended as a non-specialist's

introduction to the political and cultural background ofthe New

Testament. It should be useful as a supplementary textbook inNew

Testament or Greek courses, orfor any general reader wanting more

background information for his/herBible study. Bell has also published a

novel, Daughterof Lazarus, set in Rome in the first century A. D. (Abbey


Tim Hall (Central Michigan University) is the author ofContested

Boundaries: Itinerancy and the Reshaping
of the Colonial American

Religious World
(Durham NC: Duke University Press, 1994).

Richard V. Pierard (Indiana State University)is the author of

"Viewing Denominational Historyin Global Terms," in A Global Faith:

Essays On Evangelicalism And Globalization
, edited by Mark Hutchinson

and Ogbu Kalu (Sydney:Centre for the Study of Australian Christianity,

1998); "Shaking the Foundations:World War I, the Western Allies, and

German Protestant Missions," in The International Bulletin Of Missionary

, January 1998; "Vouchers: The Wrong Medicine for theIlls of

Public Education,"in Christian Ethics Today, February 1998. He andRobert

D. Linder (Kansas State University)delivered papers at the biennial

conference on Studying Australian Christianity at Robert MenziesCollege,

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia on July 21-23, 1997.

Barry Hankins(Baylor University) recently published, "Southern

Baptists and Northern Evangelicals: Cultural Factors andthe Nature of

Religious Alliances,"in Religion and AmericanCulture: A Journal of

, Vol. 7 (Summer 1997): 271-298.

Paul E. Michelson (Huntington College)is the author of Romanian

Politics, 1859-1871
:From Prince Cuzato Prince Carol (Iasi:Center for

Romanian Studies, 1998), 344pp. He also published articles on

"Moldova," and "Romania,"in:Gloria Westfall, ed., Guide to Official