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page 14

Publications of Foreign Countries, second edition (BethesdaMD:

Congressional Information Service, 1997); "Romaniansand the West," in:

Kurt W. Treptow, ed., Romania and WesternCivilization(Iasi: The

Center for Romanian Studies,1997); "Educatia civica īn Europa de Est:

Cāteva repere," in: Victor Bārsan, ed., Educatie pentru Europa(Bucuresti:

Editura Pythagora, 1997); and "Carol I (1866-1914) and ModernRomanian

Historiography," in Kurt W. Treptow, ed.,Biography and Romanian

[Iasi:Center for Romanian Studies, 1998].

BARGAIN BOOK!!!! Dick Pierard hasa supply of the book The

Revolution of The Candles: Christians in the Revolution of
the German

Democratic Republic
, by Joerg Swoboda(Mercer University Press, 1996),

available at cost. Pierard editedthis American version of a book produced

at the time of the fall of the East German Communist regime by a

prominent Baptist evangelist and educator who was quiteinvolved in the

dramatic events. If you would like a copy, send Pierard a check for $15.

This would make a good gift for yourlibrary if you do not wish to own

one yourself.

Richard Kyle (TaborCollege) has proven himself to be a forward-

looking historianas the author of The Last Days Are Here Again:A

History of theEnd Times (Grand Rapids:Baker, 1998), 256 pp, $14.99. He

published articles on"African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church" in the

supplement to Encyclopedia USA, Vol. I, 1997, pp. 86-88;"The End is

Coming!...(Eventually),"in The Christian Leader, September 1997,pp. 4-7;

"Visions of the End: A History of the Last Days," Direction, Vol. 26, no. 1

(1997): 62-79; and gave papers on "Countdownto Apocalypse: A History of

the Last Days," (April 22, 1997 at Tabor) and "Messiahs and Prophets in

Modern America" at theKansas History Teachers Association in April


William C. Ringenberg (Taylor University) has publisheda

handsome new edition of his history of Taylor under the titleTaylor

The First 150 Years(GrandRapids and Upland IN:Eerdmans

and Taylor University Press,1996. The new edition includes three

additional chapters. His articles on "William H. McGuffey," and "Francis

Wayland," appeared in Donald M.Lewis, ed., Blackwell Dictionary of