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Evangelical Biography(Oxford:Basil Blackwell, 1996) and he also did"E.

Stanley Jones," "W. Cameron Townsend," and "Samuel Zwemer,"for

John A.Garraty, ed., American National Biography(New York:Oxford

University Press, 1998). He also gave an address on "Some Musings on the

Tradition ofthe Missionary Church and its Historical Context," to the

Missionary Church Historical Society in Ft. Wayne IN in April 1998.

CFH member Franklin H. Littell has editeda book of essays entitled

Hyping The Holocaust: Scholars Answer Goldhagen. In it scholars from

several countries weigh inon the controversy now swirling around the

book by the Harvard poltical scientist Daniel Goldhagen, Hitler'sWilling

. The writersdo not pull punches in their criticism of

Goldhagen, and the incisive essays make forstimulating reading. You

may order a copy for $20.00 from The Philadelphia Center onthe

Holocaust, P.O. Box 10, Merion Station, PA 19066-0010. Tellyour library to

order one as well. [Item contributed by R. V. Pierard]

John B. Roney (Sacred Heart University) tells usthat he and Martin

Klauber (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)are the editors of The

Identity of Geneva: The Christian Commonwealth,
1564-1864 (Westport

CT: Greenwood Press,1998), which contains contributions by the editors

along with Robert Kingdon, Francis Higman, Richard Muller, Joel Beeke,

Timothy Phillips, Otto Selles, Jeffrey Watt, LindaKirk, Jeannine Olson,

Gabriel Mutzenberg, and William Edgar.

Clifford R.Lovin (Western Carolina University) is the author of A

School for Diplomats: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919
(University Press

of America, 1997).

Two major referenceworks have appeared in which many CFH

members have been involved. We would recommend that youask your

library to consider purchasing them, asthey are significant contributions

in the field. Also the books reflect thekind of networking that is going on

today among Christian scholars. These books are:Donald M. Lewis, ed.

The Blackwell Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, 1730-1860, published

in 1996 by Basil Blackwell Publishers,Ltd., 238 Main St., Cambridge, MA

02142, USA;or 108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JF, U.K. and Gerald H.

Anderson, ed. BiographicalDictionary of Christian Missions, published