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this year by Simon & Schuster/Macmillan, 1633Broadway, New York, NY

10019. Among CFH contributors to the Anderson volume are: DanielH.

Bays (Universityof Kansas), Joel Carpenter (Calvin College), Robert G.

Clouse (Indiana State University), DonaldF. Durnbaugh (Juniata College),

Robert Eric Frykenberg(University of Wisconsin), J. W. Hofmeyr

(University of Pretoria), Lydia Huffman Hoyle (Georgetown College),Peter

Lineham (Massey University), James A. Patterson (Mid-AmericanBaptist

Seminary), Richard V. Pierard (Indiana State University), E.Morris Sider

(Messiah College), Harry S. Stout (Yale University), and CharlesW. Weber

(Wheaton College). [Item contributed by R. V. Pierard]

Gary K. Pranger's Philip Schaff (1819-1893): Portrait ofan Immigrant

is now available from Peter Lang Publishing. Call 800-770-5264

or eMail customerservice@plang.com for additional information.

Saints & Sinners:Blues, Religion And (D)Evil In AfricanAmerican

Music and Literature
(1996, 350 pages) is edited by by Robert Sacre

(University of Liege) and includes essayby Robert Sacre, Jon Michael

Spencer, Robert Lewis, Marylin Thompson, JoyceMarie Jackson,

Christopher "Kip" Lornell, Guido Van Rijn, Mark Humphrey, Paul

Oliver, Chris Smith, Steve Tracy, Stephan Richter, PeterAnthonissen,

Sebastian Danchin, Andre Prevos andRobert Springer. Contact: Professor

Philippe Vendrix, Societe Liegeoisede Musicologie, Universite de Liege, 3

Place Cockerill,B-4000 Liege, Belgium; FAX=00/32/ 43665700;

eMail=pvendrix@vm1.ulg.ac.be for information.

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