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Vol. 3, Nr 2Fall, 1998

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From the Editors

The 21th Anniversary Meeting of theConference on Faith and

History at David Lipscomb University in Nashville in September was a

useful and pleasant experience for all. Manythanks to our hosts and to

our colleagues whomade presentations. A summary of the program is

provided below. Next up:the Breakfast sessionat the AHA meeting in

January 8, 1999, in Washington DC.

FUTURE of the CFH:We have received some feedback on our

request to share ideas about the futuredirections of the CFH. These are

published below.Any response? Please send them to us to continue the

discussion. There will also be further attention given to this at the AHA

session, which Dick Pierard will report on subsequently.

WEB PAGE:we have gotten some additional ideas forthis (see also

below). In January, we will be updating the page; later in theyear we hope

to incorporate additional linkages. The CFH eMail list has expanded and

you are invited to visit the web site and sign on if you haven't yet.

We appreciate those who havesent in news and suggestions, and

invite the same from any and all of you for our nextissue which will

appear duringthe spring semester. Contact us via eMail at

<pmichelson@huntington.edu> or snail mail at Department ofHistory,