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Vol. 4, Nr 1Fall, 1999

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From the Editors

The years in which the CFH does not hold its biennial convention

usually seem to be fairly uneventful.At least, this is what Dick Pierard

alleges below, just before unleashinga description of his current activities

on the CFH's behalf that would be exhausting to a person halfhis age.

(Precise information on the latter is availableon request.)Actually, many

people have been busily at work on variousmatters that are essential to

our association. Industrious colleagues are busilyworking on the 2000

meeting at Point Loma NazareneUniversity in San Diego; Dick Pierard is

trying to get dead-beat members topay their dues; Ron Wells is nearing

success in his heroic efforts to get the journal back on schedule;Dick

Pierard is trying to get those who are in arrears ontheir dues to come

clean; and your Newsletter editors have been actively breakingin their

new colleague, hoping that he won't find out untiltoo late that most of

what we are assigning him isn't actually part of his contract.

We are pleasedto announce that Jeff Webb has joined the

Department of History at Huntington Collegeas a replacement (more or

less) for the retired Jack Barlow. Jeff is ABD at the University of Chicago in

Early American history. He is also computer- andweb- (get it?) literate, so

we hope to be able to expandthe Internet presence of the CFH in the near

future. The CFH WEB PAGE has been redesigned to provide more