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convenient access to its various components. Our emphasis thiscoming

year will be to bolster its content, both in termsof information and in

links to useful materials. We have also greatly expanded theCFH eMail

list this past year and beginning in 2000(the last year of the century) we

will beutilizing the List on a more regular basis to circulate information,

updates, and endless appeals for peopleto pay their dues (just kidding

about the dues). If you are not on the eMail list, you areinvited to visit

the website and sign on.

The NEWSLETTER's cycle, wehave decided, will now roughly

parallel theacademic year, with one issue in the fall semester and one in

the spring semester.In years in which there is a CFH conference, the fall

issue will comeearlier in the semester to publicize that meeting. In odd-

numbered years, the fallissue will come closer to the end of the semester

to emphasize membership renewal and development.

As usual, we thank those who takethe time to send in news items,

suggestions, and garage saleleft-overs. We solicit yourcontributions.

Contact us viaeMail=pmichelson@huntington.edu or snail mail at

Department of History, Huntington College, Huntington IN 46750.

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CFH Session at the AHA 2000

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The last CFH-AHA gathering of themillennium (thrill!!) will be in

Chicago on Saturday, January8, 2000, beginning at 7:30 AM in the

Wisconsin Room ofthe Marriott (540 N. Michigan Avenue) with our

customary coffee hour. At 9:15 we will move overto the Purdue Room

for a business meeting meeting followed by a paperby Mark Noll of

Wheaton Collegeon "George Rawlyk's Contribution to Canadian History

as a Contribution to US History."Discussion will ensue.

Dick Pierard, ourbeloved secretary-treasurer, invites "all at the

convention or just in the area, tobe sure to drop in."(As if people are

"just" going to be in this area inthe middle of winter. I think this means

that you can come, even if you haven'tpaid the AHA's exorbitant

membership and registration fees or the CFH'srisibly low dues, so bring a

friend or two and some non-member guests.)