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From the Secretary-Treasurer

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Things have been rather quieton the home front lately as I have

been traveling a great dealthis year as a result of conferences and various

research projects in which Iam involved. Also I purchased a new, much

more modern computer and now am busily trying to learn how to use it

effectively. One thing that will result from this is that my wife and Iare

going to work together this fall to computerize the entireCFH

membership list. That will enable us to generate a newmembership

directory and do more specialized mailings. Since my department does

not provide me with any secretarial help, it really does take a lot oftime to

get thingsdone. That is why I am often rather slow or neglectful in

responding to correspondence and queries. For this I humbly and

profusely apologize.

Our major concern right now isgetting FIDES ET HISTORIA back

on schedule. The officers agreed last January that we would drop back to

two issues a year for 1998, 1999,and 2000, to assist in Ron Wells' efforts to

get us caught up. As a result we will not have toraise the dues for at least

three years, in spite of rapidly increasing printing and mailingcosts. Since

having to explain the delayed appearanceof the journal to inquiring

libraries and members seems to be the principalfocus of my

correspondence, no one will welcomeseeing FIDES back on schedule

more than I. Vol. 31 (1999), Nr. 1 was mailed out in November 1999, so we

are making great strides forward.

If you did not get eitherof the 1998 issues, let me know and they

will be sent to you.In the process check to make sure I have your correct

mailing address. In thecourse of a year ten percent of the membership

moves, and a lot of people simply fallthrough the cracks in spite of my

efforts to find them. The postal service almost never forwardsthe journal

and only keeps reported addresschanges a short time. I appreciate people

who e-mail me or send cards with new addresses and I cannotthank them