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Also, I would encourage you to enlist the new and younger

historians in your department whomay not be aware of the CFH. As the

generation of the founders rides off into the sunset, we need thesupport

and leadership that the new generation can provide.

Because of the delay in the journal, I have not been sendingout

notices for dues as aggressively as I havedone in the past. However, now

that the two1998 issues have been mailed, I will bill those who have not

sent in 1998 dues yet and send out 1999 bills. As I remindeveryone, I

mark on each person's check whatyear he or she is paying for. If you are

uncertain as towhere you stand, simply looked at the last returned check

you have. It will be there. Fortunately, thanks to the loyal support of so

many of you, the CFH is back on a sound financial footing.

One project I hope to get off the ground in the springis making it

possible for newer members to acquire back issues of FIDESET HISTORIA.

In the face of impending retirement I have had to beginclearing out my

office, and it was so full of old journals sent to me by the various editors

over the years (over 60 boxes to be exact)that I had to rent a storage locker

to hold all this material. We got a smaller house a few years agoand there

is no place to keep it allthere either. [ED. NOTE:Perhaps we could work

out some kind of deal in which a run of thejournal could be purchased

for donation to your institutional library at an attractive price. ]

ELECTIONS:It is time for thebiennial election again. Tom Askew

has nobly served as president and Bill Trollinger will succeed himat the

end of the year. We need to choose a newvice-president and board

members. If you have anysuggestions of suitable people or would like to

volunteer to be put on the slate ofnominees, please contact me at once,

either by letter or preferably by e-mail=hipier@ruby.indstate.edu.

ANNUAL AHA SESSION:Last January wehad a lively get-

together atthe American Historical Association in Washington DC,

although an unexpected snowfall cut the attendancesomewhat. This year

we will finish off thesecond millennium (we historians understand time

correctly!) with a session in Chicago on January 8, 2000, featuringMark

Noll of Wheaton College, who will address thetopic:"George Rawlyk's

Contribution to Canadian History as a Contribution to US History."If you