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are at the convention or just in the area, be sure to drop in. Everyoneis


2000 FALL MEETING:Mark your calendar for the 2000 fallmeeting,

which will be October 19-21 at Point Loma Nazarene University inSan

Diego CA. As I suggested in my last letter to you, guard this date with your

life and protect it from all predatorygroups who will insist that you come

to their supremely important meetings of thecentury that same weekend.

Rick Kennedy is chairing the local arrangements and he and his

departmental colleagues promise that thiswill be one of our finest

meetings ever. Just to view the physical environment there is absolutely

breath-taking. If you would like to suggest a session or give a paper,you

need to contact the program chairman Barry Hankins right away at theJ.

M. Dawson Church-State Center, Baylor University,Box 97308, Waco TX

76798-7308 or eMail=Barry_Hankins@baylor.edu.

Our 2002 fall meeting will be at HuntingtonCollege IN, and the

2004 meeting will be atHope College MI. The dates will be announced as

soon as they are finalized.


one of the twelve charter member organizationsof the recently founded

Council of Christian Scholarly Societies. This body grew out of discussions

among thevarious discipline groups that the Institute for Advanced

Christian Studies has sponsoredover the past few years. I have

represented theCFH at several of these gatherings. The purpose of the

CCSS is to be a vehicle for the membersocieties to exchange ideas about

their individual and common goals,activities, and procedures and

provide a crossdisciplinary forum in which its members can address major

intellectual issues of the day.Through the CCSS member organizations

can provide practical supportto each other and share the responsibility to

nurture a new generation of Christian scholars.

The annual meeting of the CCSS is in March andwe are authorized

to send two official representatives, although othersare welcome to

attend. If youwould like more information, please contact the

coordinator (and CFH member)Ginni Freshour at 608/274-3227 or eMail=