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be contacted.

6.)Other topics mentioned thaturgently need exploration are

Christian approaches to national history and the issue of historical theory.

Once again, let me thank you for yoursupport of the CFH. It

is this loyalty that has made us a successful organization ofChristian


Dick Pierard, Indiana State University

CFH Secretary-Treasurer

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CFH Southern California Section

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The Southern California Section of theConference on Faith and

History has been very active this year. On March 26,1999, about 80 of

them met at The Master'sCollege, Santa Clarita CA for a conference on

"The Christian in the Political Process and Government."Papers were

presented by Douglas Dye (Grand Canyon University), "A'United Voice'

Protests Racial Injustices:The Seattle Council of Churches and the African

American Community during WorldWar II," James Owen (The Master's

College), "Exploding the Myth of the Politically Indifferent and Alienated

Fundamentalist during the Great Depression," RalphOrr (World Wide

Church of God),"How Anglo-Israelitism Entered the Churches of God,"

David J. Marley (George Washington University), "Strange Bedfellows:

Martin Luther King, Jr, Pat Robertson,and the Duality of Christian

Politics," FrancisBeckwith (Trinity Graduate School), and a keynote

address byRichard V. Pierard (Indiana State University) on"Evangelical

Involvement in the Political Process," with responses by Gregg Frazierand

John Stead of the host institution.

The fall meeting was October 23, 1999 atTrinity Law School (Trinity

International University California Campus) in Santa Ana CA. The

general theme was "Human Rights in History."Francis Beckwith,Trinity

Graduate School,was the host. Papers were given by Jeff Le Pere (Trinity

Law School), "TheChildren's Liberation Movement," Richard Weikart

(CSU/Stanislaus), "German Darwinism and the Right toLife, 1860-1914,"