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Rita Cartwright (Trinity GraduateSchool), "Human Rights in America,"

Steven Kennedy (Trinity Law School), "Creating the Notion ofRights,"

and Winston Frost (Trinity Law School),"The Developing Human Rights


The spring 2000 meeting of the Far West Section willtake place at

Fresno Pacific University, Fresno CA, on the theme "This World (Old)Is

Not My Home: Christians as Immigrants and Supporters ofImmigrants to

the New World."Contact George Giacumakis, California State University,

Fullerton CA for informationor to submit paper proposals:

eMail=ggiacumakis @fullerton.edu; phone= 949/582-4995.

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+ELIZABETH A. WILSON, professor emeritus ofhistory and chair

of the division ofsocial sciences at Southwestern Assemblies of God

College in Waxahachie TX.

+NORMAN H.MARING, professor emeritus of church history at

Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jack P. Barlow, Sr. has retired after 32 years atHuntington College.

His colleagues and students celebrated theevent with a surprise party and

a retirement website(see www.huntington.edu/history/byebyebarlowfor

the lurid details).

Glenn E. Torrey (Emporia State University) is now retired toSeattle.

His book ROMANIA AND WORLD WAR Iwas recently published by the

Center for Romanian Studies in Iasi, Romania.

Douglas E. Herman has been promoted to Professor ofHistory at

Prestonsburg Community College KY. He isthe elected Faculty

Representative on the College's Board of Directors.