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Design." Yerxa has also participated in several interviews for BOOKS &

CULTURE of noteworthyscholars, including John Polkinghorne,

Jonathan Spence, and Jared Diamond. His article"Darwin Comes to

America," (with KarlW. Giberson) appears in the November/December

1999 issue of the same journal.

At the Chicago 2000 AHA meetings CFH members JamesJuhnke

(Bethel College KS) and William Trollinger (University of Dayton)will

participate in asession titled "The Nonviolent Re-Envisioning of U.S.

History." Juhnke will present a paper, "The Myth ofRedemptive Violence

and the War for Independence." Carol Hunterof Earlham College will

speak on "Nonviolence and the Paradigms ofRace, Class and Gender in

U.S. History." Trollinger will serve as commenter. Thisis an affiliate

session sponsored by the Peace History Society.

The Initiative Grants to Network Christian Scholarsof the

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) willaward $15,000

grants to small groups(3-6) of Christian scholars for networking activities

as they work on individual or collaborative research projectsrelated to a

common thematic focus. Applications are dueMarch 31, 2000. For

information, contact Dr. Harold Heie, Director, Center forChristian

Studies, Gordon College, Wenham MA 01984; eMail=ccs@gordon.edu.

At the Bluffton College OH BelieversChurch Conference on

Apocalypticism and
Millennialism, papers were presented by CFH

members J. Denny Weaver (BlufftonCollege), "The Past, Present and

Future of Revelation: A Proposal;" Everett Ferguson (AbileneChristian

University), "Millennial and AmillennialExpectations in Christian

Eschatology: Ancient and Medieval Views;" WilliamV. Trollinger

(University of Dayton), "How J. N. DarbyWent Visiting: Premillennial

Dispensationalism and the Believers Church Tradition," witha response

by Donald F. Durnbaugh (Juniata College); and Robert G. Clouse (Indiana

State University),"Prophecy for the People: The Significance of the

Eschatology of Hal Lindsey for the Believers Church."