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The NAMP(The North Atlantic Missiology Project) Mission

Periodicals Database is now located at http://namp.divinity.yale.edu.

CFH members might be interested ina new mailing list called

evang-hist (Evangelical Historians), focusingon developing a Christian

approach to history. More information is available at www.egroups.com/

group/evang-hist/info.html or bycontacting Russ Reeves (University of

Iowa) at eMail=russ-reeves@uiowa.edu.

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Calls for Papers/Conferences

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The Conferenceon Faith and History's next biennial meeting is

coming! We meet at PointLoma Nazarene University on October 19-21,

2000. We welcome sessions (or individual papers if a session is not being

proposed) that address any historical topic from a Christian perspective.

Proposals for either should be sent by either email or snail mailto the

program chair, Barry Hankins, P.O. Box 97308,Baylor University Waco TX

76798-7308; eMail=Barry_Hankins@Baylor.edu.

There will also bea special session devoted to the challenges of

functioning as Christian scholar-teachers in avariety of settings. Rick

Ostrander (John Brown University) is organizing this session. Youmay

contact him by email or snail mail at: Dr. RickOstrander, Department of

History, John Brown University, 2000 W. University, Siloam SpringsAR

72761; phone=501/524-7228; eMail=<rostrand@acc.jbu.edu>

Rick Kennedy at PointLoma University is in charge of local

arrangements. You will be hearingfrom him soon either directly or via

this newsletter, or via our eMail list in the spring.

The editors of the book series Studiesin Anabaptist and Mennonite

History (SAMH)
stand ready to consider manuscripts forpublication. They

are open to a range of subject matter,including the Amish, the Hutterites,

as well as Church of the Brethrenor certain Quaker or Baptist topics, or