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histories of certain relevant doctrines or practices(e.g., pacifism, the "free"

or "believers" church, etc.). The criteria are that the subjectmatter must be

historical and must show someconnection to the Anabaptist, Mennonite,

or related traditions---plus, of course, standard criteria ofscholarship and

good writing. For the list of current and past SAMH titles,consult the back

cover of a recent MENNONITE QUARTERLY REVIEW.Restrictions: No

anthologies or collections of sources. Only manuscripts crafted tobe books.

(Some dissertations may qualify, but in practice many do not.)No

tentative drafts: the editorshave resources to deal only with what the

author considers the finished product. Inthe past the series has published

almost exclusively through Herald Press,Mennonite publisher at

Scottdale Pennsylvania;however the editors are now willing to negotiate

with other scholarly presses who might considerthe SAMH imprimatur

to be an advantage for the particular manuscript.

Contact: Theron F. Schlabach, SAMH Editor-in-Chief, Goshen

College, Goshen IN 46525; Phone=219/533-2280; eMail=theron@




Gruenwald, JIS Editor, has issueda call for submissions for VOL. XIINO.

1/22000, a theme volume on ETHICSANDFAITH:THEREALITYOF

ABSOLUTES. The Deadline is 1 January 2000. Send 3 both-sidedcopies of:

15-25 page mss. + 150-wordabstract, typed, double-spaced, in-text citation

format, author identification on a separate sheet only(with postage for

mss. return/SASE) to: Dr. Oscar Gruenwald, JIS Editor, IIR,1065 Pine Bluff

Drive, Pasadena CA 91107-1751, USA. The Journal publishes mostlytheme

issues; for more information see their website at www.JISonline.org.

TheInstitute for the Study of American Evangelicalsis

pleased to announce it willhost the "Hymnody in American

Protestantism" conference, May 17-20, 2000 onthe campus of Wheaton

College. Thirty-nine scholars, pastors, and musicians, commissioned by

the ISAEin 1998, will present the findings of their research on topics

ranging from black gospel hymns to a study on"Amazing Grace." In