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its uniquecontribution. Above all the leadership of the organization

welcomes participation and suggestions from all members,whatever their

age or professional location.

Finally, heartfelt appreciation is dueto Richard Pierard for his decades

of service as Secretary-Treasurer; Ron Wells, Frank Roberts and Calvin

College for editorship and support for FIDES; PaulMichelson and others at

Huntington College for the NEWSLETTER; and CFHboard members as well

as the many who have plannedand hosted conferences. My participation

with CFH overthe decades has been personally and professionally fulfilling,

for whichI am grateful. I trust that you will extend President William

Trollinger everysupport, even as you consider how you personally might


Thomas A. Askew

Past CFH President

Gordon College MA

IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol5nr1.h03.gif

The CFH 2000 Election Results

IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol5nr1.h03.gif

The results of the elections for new CFH officers is completed.

There were

192 ballots cast.


William V. Trollinger, University of Dayton

Vice-President: George Giacumakis, Jr., California State University at Fullerton

Executive Board Members-at-Large

Barbara A. Hoffman, Grand Canyon University

Rick Kennedy, Point Loma University

Michael S. Hamilton, Seattle Pacific University

Jay D. Green, Covenant College

The first two persons havebeen elected for four-year terms, the next two for

two-year terms. Thecarry-over Board members are Kathryn T. Long, Wheaton

College, and Robert G. Clouse, Indiana State University. ThomasA. Askew, Gordon

College, will serve an additional term on the Board as theimmediate past-president.

The remaining Board members are Ronald A. Wells, the Editor ofFides et Historia,

and Richard V. Pierard, the Secretary-Treasurer.