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2000 CFH Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Present: Thomas A. Askew, President

William V. Trollinger, Vice-President

Ronald A. Wells, Editor, Fides et Historia

John B. Roney, Board Member

Richard V. Pierard, Secretary-Treasurer

Paul Michelson, Editor, Newsletter

Douglas Sweeney, Book Review Editor

Barry M. Hankins, Program Chair for 2000 biennial meeting

Meeting called to order by President Askew at 11:45, January 8, 2000.

  1. 1999 Financial report. Presented by the secretary-treasurer (seebelow).

    He mentioned that thanks to the loyalty ofso many people in the

    organization, the membership level has beenholding steady in spite of the

delays in the journal.

Also, he has not been sending out the bills for dues

until the issues of Fideshave actuallyappeared for the year in question. This

way weavoid the impression of asking for money without providing any

services. As a result,we are now in the healthiest financial position we have

been in a long time.

  1. Goals of theorganization. A lengthy discussion related to redrafting the

    goals of the CFH took place. Some complaints have been raised thatthe CFH

    has not been open to the input of youngerscholars and that we need to give

    more attention totheoretical engagement and exploration of issues between

    faith and history at the highest levels. It was mentionedthat we need cutting

    edge historical engagement from various Christianpoints of view. Several

    felt it would be a good idea to conduct a session on anew definition of the

    CFH. We need to talk about what a newmodel of Christian scholarship

    would look like. We alsoneed more intentional efforts at diversifying our

    constituency. We need to be more aggressive in recruitinggraduate students

    and young scholars at the beginningof their careers. One possibility for a