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future session might be a panel with participants fromthe Roman Catholic,

Orthodox, Lutheran,Mennonite, and Reformed perspectives who would

address the question of what we have to sayto each other. Another idea

mentioned was that we couldhave a competition for graduate students with

part of the prize to be that the essay would be printed inthe journal. Also

suggested was that the abstracts of dissertations and dissertation proposalsof

our graduate student members be placed on the CFH website.

It was agreed by consensus that Trollinger and Askew would work out a new

statement of goals for the CFH and circulate it among the Board members.

  1. 2000 Bi-Annual Fall Meeting. BarryHankins discussed the efforts being

    done to publicize themeeting at Point Loma University October 19-21 and

how the sessions and papers will be structured.

This will be a general

conference rather than one centered around aspecific theme. The planning is

moving ahead. Pierard mentioned that while he was outin California during

the spring for another reason, he stopped by Point Loma anddiscussed the

arrangements with our colleagues there.


Everything is moving ahead

  1. Future Meetings. We have invitations from HuntingtonCollege for 2002,

    Louisville Presbyterian Seminary for 2004, andHope College for 2006.

    Others are coming in as well. Pierard willproceed to firm up the

    arrangements with these host institutions, especially thespecific dates and

local arrangements.

At the fall Board meeting we will choose a program

chair and theme for the 2002 meeting.

  1. Fides et Historia. Wellsreported on the progress being made with the

    journal. By switching to two issues a year he hopes to be caught up bythe

    end of the year or at the outset of 2001. Thetwo issues will contain the same

    amount of material as the three formerly had, and this savesenormous

    amount of time in the production process. He mentioned that CalvinCollege

    is committed to publishing the journal until thesummer of 2003. Then it will

    be necessary to considerthe possibility of a transition to another venue. He