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feels strongly that the journal must be housed in a history department sothat

it is clear to all that it is a history journal. Wells agreed to prepare astatement

for consideration at the fallBoard Meeting about what would be expected of

a school wishing to take over the processof editing and producing Fides et


  1. Adjournment: 12.50 p.m.

submitted by R. V. Pierard

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From the Secretary-Treasurer

IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol5nr1.h03.gif

I am happy to report that we are close to being back ontrack with our

journal. The summer-fall 1999issue was mailed in late April, and you should

have received yours by now. If you did not, let me know and I will send

another copy. Please be sure that I have your correct address;having the

wrong one or a former one isthe main reason that copies go astray. I am

always amazed at how many people in our group move,and every now and

then one of you slip through the cracks. So keep me informed of address


Now that you have the 1999 issues in hand, Iwill be sending bills to

those who owe 1999 dues. It would not have been right tosend you a bill for

dues when you had gottennothing in return. The figure remains at $20.00

per year for regular members and $15.00 for studentsand retired folks. Since

Mr. Greenspan has eliminated inflationin America, we ought to be able to

hold this figure for at least four to five years. By switchingto two issues of

the journal per year while keeping the content aboutthe same, we were able

to effect considerable savings in production costsand the time of those

involved in ourvolunteer effort. I do great appreciate the fine service of the

Fides et Historiastaff: Ron Wells, Doug Sweeney, and that unsung heroine of

the Calvin history department, Lorrie Menninga.