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Another important matter is that the CFH mailing address will change.

I am retiring from ISU, and mydepartment chair has decreed that I may not

receive mail at the office once I am off the payroll. Hence I haveengaged a

post office boxand the official mailing address of the CFH will now be:

Conference on Faith and History, P.O. Box 3168,Terre Haute, IN 47803. I am

sorry to have to inconvenience you after having used oneaddress for over

three decades, but unfortunately I have no otherchoice. My e-mail address

will remain the same: hipier@ruby.indstate.edu.

I was gratefulfor the good turnout at our AHA session in Chicago in

January in spite of the foul-up by the hotel whereby the coffee hourwas in

one place and our session in another---and on different floors as well! There

were 38 names recorded on the sign-up at the session, andprobably as many

others whomade it to the social hour. I was grateful for Mark Noll's

illuminating paper "George Ralwyk's Contribution to Canadian History as a

Contribution to U.S. History." I learned much from it.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the fall meeting at Point Loma

University in San Diego onOctober 19-21, 2000. We will have a great time

together inthe most incredibly beautiful locale, and our brothers and sisters

in sunnyCalifornia are preparing a warm welcome for us. Mark your

calendars! If you have any questions about local arrangements, contactRick

Kennedy at Point Loma's History Department, San Diego, CA 92106. For

questions about the program,contact the program chairman Barry Hankins,

Baylor University, eMail=Barry_Hankins@baylor.edu.

Also, I cannotexpress my thanks enough to Paul Michelson and his

colleagues at Huntington College for producing the newsletterand

maintaining our website. They have brought ourorganization into the 21st

century and extended our communication networkimmeasurably. In fact,

our site is a good place for mentioning job openings and conferences that you

hear about. There are a lot of opportunities out there forour members and it

is just a matter of knowing about them.

Dick Pierard