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The Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1015 Fifteenth

Street NW, Washington DC 20005, www.eppc.org, was established in 1976 "to

clarify and reinforcethe bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition

and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues.

Its program

includes research, writing, publication, and conferences. TheCenter affirms

the political relevance of thegreat Western ethical imperatives---respect for

the dignity of every person, individual freedom and responsibility, justice, the

rule of law, and limited government.

It maintains that moral reasoning is an

essential complement to empirical calculation in the shaping of public policy."

Recent publications fromthe Center or sponsored by the Center



Terry Eastland, ed., FREE SPEECH IN THESUPREME COURT, and George

Weigel's biography of Pope John Paul II, WITNESS TO HOPE.

Mark Noll has

written:"TheCenter is making an extraordinary contribution toward

reviving moral considerations in our public life---bothbecause of the views it

promotes and because of its greatskill at enlarging the circle of conversation

about such matters."

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Calls for Papers/Conferences

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The Fall 2000CFH MEETINGis at Point Loma

Nazarene University on October 19-21, 2000. It maystill be possible for

proposals to beaccepted by the program chair, Barry Hankins, P.O. Box

97308, BaylorUniversity Waco TX 76798-7308; or eMail=Barry_Hankins


There will be a special session devoted tothe challenges of functioning

as Christian scholar-teachers in a variety of settings.Rick Ostrander (John

Brown University) is organizing this session. You may contact him by email

or snail mailat: Dr. Rick Ostrander, Department of History, John Brown

University, 2000 W. University, Siloam SpringsAR 72761; phone=501/524-

7228; eMail=<rostrand@acc.jbu.edu>