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Rick Kennedy at Point Loma University is in chargeof local

arrangements for CFH 2000. Further information about the conference will

be posted on the CFH website as it becomes available.

The Institute forInterdisciplinary Research,

1065 Pine Bluff Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107, will be holding a congress inconjunction

with the 6th World Congress for Central and EastEuropean Studies in Tampere,

Finland, 29 July-3 August, 2000, focusing on the theme "Civil Societyand Religion in

the Third Millennium. Contact the IIR office via eMail=og@JISonline.org.

Currents in WorldChristianity, an international and

interdisciplinary research project on the growth andglobal impact of

Christianity in the 20th century, is hosting two majorevents in the next year.

First of all, they will be holding a conference on "Missions, Nationalism, and

the End of Empire," 6-9 September 2000, at Queens' College, Cambridge.


conference will explore the natureof the relationships between churches and

missions and anti-colonial and national movements in the 20thcentury, and

to assess the impact on mission organizations, churches, and theChristian

understanding of mission of the end of colonial empires from1945. Speakers

include Daniel Bays (University of Kansas), Richard Elphick(Wesleyan

University), Judith Brown (Oxford), Ogbu Kalu (Universityof Nsukka), and


Secondly, the CWC will conduct amajor symposium at the University

of Pretoria, South Africa, July 3-7, 2001, on the theme "Interpreting

Contemporary Christianity:Global Processes and Local Identities."

For moreinformation on either conference, contact CWC Project

Office, Westminster College, Cambridge CB3 0AA UnitedKingdom.

Phone/FAX=+44 (0)1223-741090; eMail=Liesl Amos <cwc@divinity.cam

.ac.uk>. They also havea web site at www.divinity.cam.ac.uk/carts/cwc.

The CWC is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.