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Doug Sweeney(Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, eMail=

dsweeney@trin.edu) is interested in hearing from people who arewilling to

review books for Fides et Historia.

Contact him at Trinity Evangelical

Divinity School 2065 Half Day Road DeerfieldIL 60015, or by eMail, giving

him the following information:

---your mailing address

---your telephone, FAX, and eMail information, and

---the specific areas in which you can do reviews

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As mentionedabove, we would like to expand the CFH Website to

include additional information.

Specifically, we would like to consider

including on the site the following new sections:

---dissertation topics

---dissertation abstracts

---job announcements of interest to members

---brief vitas from those looking for jobs

---links to member home pages and course pages

We don't yet know howfeasible such sections will be, but we are

asking you to submit viaeMail items for possible inclusion in such rubrics.

We will include relevant information in the NEWSLETTER, but will beginto

post submissions on the website when we get enough of same.

In addition, if you have suggestions forthe website, please feel free to

get in touch with usvia eMail=SRS Website <pmichelson@huntington.edu>.

Thanks. And don't forget to send us news items for the fall NEWSLETTER.