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Vol. 5, Nr. 2Fall/Winter, 2000

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From the Editors

This issue of the NEWSLETTER features an extended report onthe Fall

2000 CFH meeting at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. We

think that the papers and discussions atthis meeting represent a fair cross-

section of the current state of the Conference on Faithand History. If you

have comments,responses, rejoinders, or whatever, you are invited to send

them to us.

A draft statement of prospectivegoals for the CFH has been

developed by Tom Askew(Gordon College) and Bill Trollinger (Dayton).

The four basicemphases are to:"1. Extend the dialogue on the relationship

between historicalscholarship and the faith commitments of historians from

various Christian traditions, focusingon both theoretical and practical issues.

2. Enable scholars to presentand publish research findings, especially young

scholars in the profession. 3. Enhance the qualityof history teaching by

providing a venue for evaluating instructional strategies and interaction

between newerand veteran professors. 4. Encourage personal networking

and fellowship between historians of various backgroundsand traditions."

We welcome discussion of these goals via email or the Newsletter.

As usual, our thanks to those who havesent in news, suggestions,

and/or small, unmarked pieces of foreign currency. Because ofthe space

devoted to the 2000 meeting and current announcements in this issue, wewill

postpone obituaries (for Stanford Reid, J. K.Zeman, and Ethel Rankin) and

less pressing personal news updates to the nextissue. We solicit additional

contributions. Contact us viaeMail=pmichelson@huntington.edu or snail

mail at Department of History, Huntington College, Huntington IN 46750.