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From the Secretary-Treasurer

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I was excited by the fine turnout at our biennial fallmeeting at Point

Loma Nazarene University in San Diego andthe enthusiasm manifested

there. Especially gratifying wasthe prominent role played by our younger

members and the goodly number of finepapers they presented. More and

more of us who helped launch the CFH some three decades agoare fading

into the background, and it encouraging to see our newgeneration assuming

the mantle of leadership. It is a good sign of the health of ourorganization.

Both our financial and leadership bases are in fine shape.

All of you have received the 1999 volume ofFIDES ET HISTORIA, and

so I have sentbills for the 1999 membership dues to those who still owe. As

soon as number 2 of the 2000 volume has beendistributed, I will bill for 2000

dues. By going to two issues a year but with the sameamount of content, we

have saved substantial money in production andmailing costs. This has

enabled us to keep the dues at the same level---$20.00 forregular members

and $15.00 forstudents and retired scholars---and the situation should

continue unchanged for some years. I really appreciate thegood work Ron

Wells and Lorrie Menninga have done in producing a high quality journal. I

increasingly see articlesfrom it cited in footnotes, and the number of library

subscriptions worldwide is now in excess of 290.

I do urge you to keep me posted as toyour address changes. E-mail is

perfectly welcomeand many of you have done so. The post office is now

unlikely to forward first class mail after as a short a time assix months, and it

does not forwardthe journal or the newsletter. You cannot believe how

many peopledisappear from my radar screen in the course of a year and

then wonder why they are not gettingthings from the CFH any longer.

NOT BACK HOME IN INDIANA. As mentionedin the summer letter

to themembership, I am spending the academic year 2000-2001 in the

Northeast as visiting professor ofhistory at Gordon College. Should you

desire to reach me, I still use my regular e-mailaddress

hipier@ruby.indstate.edu and the official CFH mailingaddress at P.O. Box

3168, Terre Haute, IN 47803. My college addressis Dick Pierard, Department

of History, Gordon College, Wenham, MA 01984.