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The CCCU also has aProgram for Initiative Grants to Network

Christian Scholars.
It will award$15,000 grants to small groups (3-6) of

Christian scholars for networking activities as theywork on individual or

collaborative researchprojects related to a common thematic focus.

Applications are due January 15, 2001.For a program description and

application instructions,write or eMail Dr. Harold Heie, Director, Center for

Christian Studies, Gordon College, Wenham, MA01984;ccs@gordon.edu, or

obtain this information directly from www.cccu.org/projects/

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Calls for Papers/Conferences

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Barry Hankins calls our attention toa conference on New Religious

Movements and
Religious Liberty in America, February 23-24, 2001, hosted

by the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, BaylorUniversity,Waco

TX. Contact himby eMail at Barry_Hankins@baylor.edu for more

information. The conference schedule includespresentations by scholars of

NRM's and some leaders of NRM's.

The Netherlands American Studies Association (NASA) Conference

will have as its topic the subject of "Religion in America."Theconference

will beheld June 6-8, 2001, at the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, the

Netherlands. For details, contact the organizers, Dr. HansKrabbendam,

Roosevelt Study Center, PO Box 6001,4330 LA Middelburg, the Netherlands;

tel. (0)118-631590,fax (0)118-631593, email=jl.krabbendam@zeeland.nl, web

site= www.roosevelt.nl. A selection ofpapers will be published in the series

European Contributions to American Studies (VU University Press,


The Institute for Interdisciplinary Researchissues a CALLFOR

PAPERS for Vol. 13 (2001) ofits journal on the subject of Civil Society and

Religion in the Third Millennium. Deadline:1 January 2001. Send 3 both-

sided copies of:15-25 page mss. + 150-word abstract, typed, double-spaced,

in-text citation format, author identification on a separate sheet only(with

postage for mss. return/SASE) to: Dr. O. Gruenwald, JIS Editor, IIR, 1065Pine

Bluff Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107-1751, USA.