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  1. To encouragepersonal networking and fellowship between

    historians of various backgrounds and traditions.

    We wouldwelcome some discussion of these goals via email or the


    This issue also contains a preliminary announcement related tothe Fall

    2002 Meeting of the CFH scheduled for the balmy climes of Huntington IN.

    Jay Greenhas been working assiduously on this project and welcomes your

    feedback (eMail=jdgreen@covenant.edu). In addition to proposing a

    significantly different sort of program, he isalso suggesting that we hold a

    first-ever undergraduate CFH session. We would like your reactions tothese

    ideas as well.

    We also carry below several obituaries, one ratherbelated, another

    that was somewhat premature. If you know of others of ournumber who

    have passed to their eternal reward, please let us know sothat they can be


    Lastly, we have the usual update from our ageless Secretary-

    Treasurer, Dick Pierard, who(to steal his thunder) is relocating to the East

    coast afterslaving away in Timothy McVeigh's current home town. We are

    struck once again byhow much this organization owes to Dick and are glad

    that he has found a congenial retirement location. Anddon't forget to pay

    your dues and keep your address current.(How many times do we have to

    tell you this?)

    Also as usual,we solicit additional contributions:comments, news

    items, spare pagesof the Gutenberg Bible, etc. Contact us via

    eMail=pmichelson@huntington.edu or snail mail at Department ofHistory,

    Huntington College, Huntington IN 46750.

    The Huntington Troika

    IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol6nr1.h02.gif

From the Secretary-Treasurer

IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol6nr1.h02.gif

I was excited by the fine turnout at our biennial fallmeeting at Point

Loma Nazarene University in San Diego andthe enthusiasm manifested

there. Especially gratifying wasthe prominent role played by our younger

members and the goodly number of finepapers they presented. More and

more of us who helped launch the CFH some three decades agoare fading

into the background, and it encouraging to see our newgeneration assuming

the mantle of leadership.