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It is encouraging to see the robust discussion going on inthe

organization about our purpose andfuture direction. I believe it reflects well

the healthy state of the group. A journalist, who knew nothing about our

history, inaccuratelyportrayed this as a "crisis" in the CFH; in fact it is really

an expression of our strength. We have toorient ourselves to the needs of

the new century, and the younger members who are now moving into places

of leadership who will be guiding us to ever higher levelsof understanding

and achievement as we seek to work out our faith commitments withinthe

context of our discipline.

I am faring well in my new incarnation in the Northeast, but my

efficiency as your Secretary-Treasurer leaves something to be desired. The

2000 issues of FIDES ET HISTORIAhave now been mailed, and I will be

sending out a bill for 2000 dues shortly. Since we had fallen sofar behind, I

did notfeel it was right to bill you in advance for a product we were not

delivering. However, we are just about caught up, and we hopeto have both

2001 numbers mailed during thecourse of the year. If you did not receive

either or both of the 2000 issues, please let me knowand I will try sending

them again. Our members move about so much that I often lose trackof

them, and the postoffice normally will not forward the journal. What is

particularly maddening is when former placesof employment (like mine, for

example) or post offices simply return mail "addresseeunknown," when they

know goodand well where the person has gone. I do urge you to keep me

posted as to your address changes.

I am grateful to Ron Wells and Lorrie Menningafor the great job they

have been doing in producing one fine issue after anotherof FIDES ET

HISTORIA. We cannot be appreciative enough ofthe selfless labor they have

put into this enterprise. Also I want topublicly thank Dr. Joel Carpenter,

Provost of Calvin College and a longtime member of theCFH, for the

financial supporthe has provided our Calvin colleagues to carry out the

editing and production of the journal. Withouthis help, the achievements we

have made would have beenimpossible. I increasingly see articles from it

cited in footnotes, and the number oflibrary subscriptions worldwide is now

in excess of 290.

I want to commend Jay Green for the good work he is doing in getting

the program together for our meeting atHuntington College next year. You

will see his call for paperselsewhere in the Newsletter, and I encourage as