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many of you as possible to respond with suggestions and proposalsfor

papers. It is certain to be another one of our great fall conferences.

NOT BACK HOME IN INDIANA. Asmentioned in my last summer's

letter to the membership,I spent the academic year 2000-2001 in the

Northeast as visiting professor of historyat Gordon College. They have

invited me to stay on as scholar-in-residence and will allowme to utilize their

postal facility to carry on my CFH endeavors. Our Gordoncolleagues were

among the first to give their backto the newly founded CFH and have been

continuing supporters through the years. Two of them have even served as

presidents of theorganization. Thus it is a congenial place to be. Thus, we

have bought a house here and are now in the process of moving east.

My new address: Dick Pierard, Department of History,Gordon

College, Wenham, MA 01984;Office phone=978/927-2306 X4394; Home

phone=978/922-6045.; eMail=CharRichP@aol.com.

Dick Pierard


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In addition to the misreporting ofProf. Rankin's death (see below,

which was Dick Pierard's fault anyway), Douglas F.Anderson (Northwestern

College) has pointed out that Charles W. Weberof Wheaton College actually

chaired the session on "Christianity & American Social Thought"at the 2000

CFH meeting not the person from thenon-existent "Northwest College" as

erroneously listed. In a further display ofnitpicking and unfairness, he also

noted thathis middle initial is "F" not "A". These errors were the product of

an administrative mistake and will not be repeated. Besides, we think we

probably aren't at faultafter all. It may have had something to do with sun

spots or El Nino orsomething like that. We're pretty sure there's no

controlling legal authority here, so don't blame us. (P. S. We didn'tdo it.)(P.

P. S. Besides, didn't Prof. Andersonspend some time hanging around

Roswell, New Mexico? We thought so.)

Anyway, we certainly welcome

your input. Send your contributions of information and so forth to: