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    by Bob Wilson, Professor of Church History, Acadia Divinity College

    On September18, 2000, Dr. Jarold K. Zeman, the former Professor of

    Church History at Acadia DivinityCollege and perhaps most significant

    Canadian Baptist leader inthe last half century, went home to be with the

    Lord he loved and served so faithfully. Dr. Zeman leavesbehind his wife

    Lillian, children Miriam, Dagmar (Gary) Carter, Timothy(Tammy), and

    Janice, and seven grandchildren.

    Dr. Zeman was born inCzechoslovakia and grew up in the era of the

    depression and thenthe invasion of the Nazis. In his home he learned to

    trust in Christand to love learning and music. At age 15, while studying the

    Gospel ofJohn, he accepted Christ as his Lord. His high-school education

    was interrupted by the war but in 1946 he completed high school and wentto

    study at the University of Prague. Beforehis second year of University he

    felt the call of Godto ministry and switched to the Faculty of Theology.

    While there andjust after the Communist takeover of the nation in 1948, he

    received a scholarship to study at Knox College in Toronto.

    The decision tocome to Canada changed both his life and ours. As it

    came time to consider going back to Czechoslovakia,he was concerned

    about his personal safety and was convicted aswell about believers' baptism.

    He chose to remain in Canada and to become a Baptist. Two years later, in

    1951, he and Lillian were married. While in Ontario he served as the pastor of

    the Czechoslovakian Baptist Churchfrom 1950 to 1955. There he used his

    musical abilities as well as his pastoralskills. In 1955 they moved to the Villa

    Nova Baptist Church. During those years he was involved with ministry to

    new immigrants to Canada.

    Between 1959 and 1968 he workedfor the Baptist Convention of

    Ontario and Quebec inthe Home Mission Board. In 1965 he took a study

    leave to do doctoral studies at the University of Zurich and to lecture atthe

    Baptist Seminary at Ruschlikon. During those yearshe travelled widely

    presenting papers at various conferences and preaching inmany churches

    and conventions. In 1969, he was awarded his Doctoral degree from Zurich.

    On July 1, 1968, Dr. Zeman became Associate Professorat Acadia

Divinity College.

He spoke warmly of those early years as The School of

Theology became the Divinity College.

He moved among our churches as a

fresh voice for the College and helped win allegiancefrom Baptist churches