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and students for the new College. At the same timehe was writing

numerous articles and books and lecturing all over North America.

In 1976 he beganhis nine years of service to the Baptist Federation of

Canada and served as President from 1979 to 1982. Hiswork there coincided

with the most active participation of the CBF in broader CanadianBaptist life.

He also served on many boards, committee, study groups,etc. He was an

early member ofthe Conference of Faith and History and continued his

interest until his death.

During those years he also served as Professor atADC and there he

taught and mentored many students. He and Lily had students in theirhome

for Bible study, prayer and classes. Many students claimed to have learnedas

much in those informal sessions as in any of their classes. His students

appreciated his scholarship, wisdom and friendship. He inspired a groupof

Baptists to take their own history seriously and he organized two ofthe early

Canadian Baptist Heritage Conferences. He initiatedthe significant Atlantic

Baptist Heritage series. All the while, he continued toproduce scholarly work

in his own field of Hussite and Anabaptist History. Ashe came to retirement

he helped establish and the direct the Acadia Centre forBaptist and

Anabaptist Studies.

His list of accomplishments is longbut he will be remembered most

for the investment he made in the lives of his students. Until his retirement in

1991, he saw his main calling as a"teacher" which he claimed was in his

genes. He loved the classroom settingand he had great joy in students who

suddenly saw the perspective of the church andthe importance of

understanding the past to minister intelligently in the future.

He was always a humbleman who never talked of his own

accomplishments. He had received wide recognition includinghonorary

doctorates from McMaster and Acadia. Severalyears ago he received one of

seven medals struck by the ProtestantFaculty of the University of Prague to

be awarded as the Comenius Medal to scholarsfrom around the world for

outstanding scholarship in areas of Czech and Church History.

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