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members include Marxists, ex-Marxists, neo-conservatives,and old-fashioned

liberals. Admittedly, some historians wholean to the right have felt at home

in The Society. Butso have others who lean to the left, like Martin Sklar and

Sean Wilentz.

THS is a congenial group forthose CFH members who are concerned

that recent trends in the AHA and OAH risk trivializing the study of history.I

have observed firsthand how The Society welcomes historians of faithas well

as historians of sub-disciplines likemilitary and diplomatic history who often

feel as if the flagship historyorganizations no longer value their work.

Perhaps the most important reason why CFH members shouldconsider

membership in THS, however, canbe borrowed from John Lukacs's work --

something I find myself doing frequently these days: because The Historical

Society is attempting to focus on history not historianship.

I encourage you to visit THS's Web site (www.bu.edu/historic)to

learn more about this exciting newprofessional historical society.

Membership isonly $20 ($10 students and unemployed). For an additional

$30 memberswill receive an annual subscription to THE JOURNAL OF THE


You needonly attend one national conference to appreciate the value

of this group. The next national conference will be in Atlanta onMay 16-19,

2002. Its theme will be "HistoricalReconstructions." For further information

go to (www.bu.edu/historic/conference.html)or write TheHistorical

Society, 656 Beacon Street, Mezzanine, Boston, MA 02215-2010.

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Position Announcements

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VANGUARD UNIVERSITY of Southern California, a small Christian

liberal arts university, seeksapplications for a joint history and political

science tenure-track appointment beginning fall2002, with a possibility of

starting in spring semester 2002. Applicants shouldhave a Ph.D. or ABD in

either history or political scienceand demonstrated teaching ability in a

variety of courses. The ideal fantasy candidate would beable to teach US

government, upper division political sciencecourses, African history, Ancient

history, and Twentieth-century Europe. Less than idealcandidates are invited

to apply.Women and minority candidates are especially encouraged to