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Vol. 6, Nr. 2Winter, 2001

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From the President

We areonly a few months away from the 2002 meeting of the

Conference on Faith and History, which will beheld on October 10-12 at

Huntington College IN. As a person who lives less than two hoursfrom

Huntington, as a person who has driventhrough northern Indiana many

times (andwho drives through northwestern Ohio every day), I know very

well that the setting for the 2002 conferencewill not be quite the same as the

setting for the 2000 conference, which was held at Point Loma Nazarene. Not

to put too fine a point on it, I feel pretty safe in conjecturing that there is nota

"surfer's dorm" at Huntington!

This said, I also know that the good folks at Huntington---including the

editors of this newsletter!---will do agreat job of hosting this conference.

And I must say that the 2002 conference promises to beone of the most

interesting conferences in the four decade historyof the Conference on Faith

and History. Kudos to Jay Green(Covenant College) and Thomas Mach

(Cedarville University) for their work in envisioninga conference that, as

they note in the call for papers,will lead to discussions that "will consider the

confessional frameworks and traditions of Christian beliefthat inform the

ways Christians both evaluate the 'nuts and bolts' of historicalresearch and

respond to larger trends in modern historiography."

To put itanother way, at Huntington we will be addressing the

question: What does it mean to be a Christian and a historian? It is hard to