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imagine a moretimely topic for the Conference on Faith and History. Of

course, and as I arguedin my 2000 presidential address at Point Loma, there

will not beone answer to this question---in fact, there will be some real

disagreements in seeking to answer this question. Thiscould be a very good

thing for our organization. May we listento and learn from---and enjoy---

each other.

William Trollinger

University of Dayton

CFH President

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The 116th annual meeting of the American HistoricalAssociation will

convene in San Francisco, California, January 3-6, 2002.In addition to 157

AHA sessions, the meeting will also host the meetings offifty-two affiliated

societies. For additional information,see the AHA's annual meeting web site

at www.theaha.org/annual/

The CFH Breakfast will beon Saturday, January 5, 2002, in the Hilton

San Francisco. You are all heartily welcomed. Here is the schedule:

7:30 AM

9:15 AM

9:30 AM

Coffee and Social Hour

Lombard Room

Business Meeting, William V. Trollinger, Jr. presiding

Powell Room


A discussion of THE MISSING PEACE:The Search for

Alternatives to Violence in United States History (2001)

----->Introduction by the authors:

James C. Juhnke, Bethel College

Carol H. Hunter, Earlham College

----->Comment by:

Michael S. Hamilton, Seattle Pacific University

Barbara A. Hoffman, Grand Canyon University

Rick Kennedy, Point Loma Nazarene University