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From the Editors

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The focus of this issue in on the upcoming CFH Fall 2002 Meeting, to

be heldin the garden spot of the historic Northwest Territories, Huntington

IN. Dwight Brautigam (dbrautigam@huntington.edu) willbe handling local

arrangements, incompetently seconded by his colleagues. His shameless

promotional message appearsbelow. Now you may be wondering about

the draw of Huntington, other than the dynamic and fruitful interchangeof

views and opinions with your wonderful CFH compatriots. To alleviate

concerns that you might be forced to spend the entire conferenceactually

engaged in serious conversation with fellow historians, we havecreated a

web site which will give you some tantalizinginsights into local attractions.

This page may beviewed at www.huntington.edu/cfh/hyperfun.htmand

will be frequently updated in a probably vain attempt to lure theunwary

back to see if anything of value has been posted. Check it out (and aren't you

ashamed that you don't have anything better to do?).

On a more serious note, Jay Green (jdgreen@covenant.edu) andTom

Mach (macht@cedarville.edu)have been hard at work developing a

significantly different sort of program.The final calls for papers and

descriptions of the two(Yes! Two!) conferences we will be holding in the fall

of 2002 have been circulated to our eMail list, arepublished in full below, and

can be found on the CFH web site atwww.huntington.edu/cfh. PLEASE

give these announcements your full consideration and letJay and Tom know

about your willingness to participate.

The other item that you should given immediate notice to is the annual

CFH Breakfast session at the January 2002 meetingof the American

Historical Association. There is a notice of this below as well.

As usual, we solicit yourcontributions to the Newsletter:news items,

books and articles forreview notices, and whatever else you fancy might be

of interest toour membership. Contact us via eMail=pmichelson@

huntington.edu orsnail mail at Department of History, Huntington College,

Huntington IN46750. Finally, please note that after January 15, 2002, our

area code changes to 260.

The Huntington History Un-cooperative