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Huntington College Welcomes

the Conference on Faith and History

by Dwight Brautigam, History Department Chair

This is your chance! Come see the actualhome of the CFH Newsletter

and web site! The Huntington College History Department is alreadymaking

plans for the CFH biennial meeting inOctober, details for which are found

elsewhere in this issue. The meeting promisesto be a rich exchange of

thoughtful ideas, and wewill strive to provide a congenial atmosphere for

the discussions.

October in our part of Indiana should meancolorful leaves and

moderate weather,though of course we make no guarantees (Iron Clad

Legal Disclaimer). We will, however, doour best to arrange supportive

logistics to enhance your time at themeeting, including tours of the super-

secret CFH Newsletter Bunker. (ED NOTE:

Great! How can it be a secret if

he blabs its existence to the whole CFH Newsletter readership?)

We also want particularly toencourage you to bring as many of your

undergraduate students and graduate students as possible to the first-ever

CFH Student Research Conference, also describedin further detail elsewhere

in this newsletter. We are working toward findingsome financial support for

that effort to help such students with housing andmeal costs. The spring

edition of thisnewsletter should have more details on that aspect of the

conference. We have also begun encouraging ourown students to look

forward to the meeting; they will give your students a warmwelcome to our


Over the next few monthswe'll be adding concrete details to the local

arrangements forthe meeting, and as we confirm things we'll post

information to the CFH web site as well as include it in newsletter. It's not too

early to start your planning, though.Questions about local arrangements for

the meeting?Contact me at dbrautigam@huntington.edu or by phone at

(219) 359-4223 (note: our area code changes to 260 onJanuary 15, 2002, but

both codes will work until June). I certainly hope to see you here in October!