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From the Secretary-Treasurer

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By now you all shouldhave received my letter indicating your dues

status. Please respond accordingly (with check, of course) and quicklyas well.

I have agreed to teach at the Universityof Otago in New Zealand this spring

(the fallterm there) and will be leaving in early February. Thus I would like

to have the books reasonably in order before Ileave. Fortunately the CFH is

now on a sound financial footing again,thanks to the good stewardship of

our FIDES ET HISTORIA editorial staff, the web page and NEWSLETTERstaff

(ED NOTE: Where have we gone wrong?), and, of course,you, our faithful

members who have stood behind the organization for so long and who are

ultimately responsible for its success.

Having moved across country andassumed a new role at Gordon

College in my so-called retirementyears has resulted in more than the usual

amount of inefficiency on my part inkeeping in touch with you. For this I

apologize. I will try to do better.I am afraid I have not been very prompt in

responding to the snail mail I get, but I am doing better with e-mail.

I will be in the Antipodes (ED NOTE:

According to the OED, from the

Greek, "those having the feet opposite") until early July, and l look forwardto

visiting with many ofour members and friends "down under." I will use my

AOL addressto keep in touch with people: CharRichP@aol.com. You should

be able to find me this way if you need me for something.

I sent the membership mailing firstclass so I could determine which

members have moved. I hopethe post office will forward the letter to those

who have new addresses. Let me emphasize in the strongest terms possible

that you must send address changes to me if you wishto receive our journal.

The postoffice will not forward FIDES ET HISTORIA, and usually will not

return the undelivered copies toour office. That means replacement copies

probably will not be available. Please check theaddress on your letter to

make sure I have it correct. Thisaddress should be the same as on this issue

of the NEWSLETTER. On the other hand, if you are weary ofgetting

messages from me about the organization, please let me knowand I will

drop you from the mailing list.