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Be sure to carve out and protect the dates of October 10-12, 2002,for

our biennial fall meeting at Huntington College. Thegang (ED NOTE:

"Gang"?) there is planning a real blast to getus going in the new millennium,

and it will include an extra treat, our first ever student researchconference on

the day before. The new generation is striding forth on the professional

stage, and we old-timers welcome them with open arms. We are pleasedto

be ableto pass the torch to such an enthusiastic, up and coming group of

younger historians.

If you are at the San Francisco AHA on January 5, 2002, be sureto visit

our session at the Hilton Hotel. Thetraditional 7:30 a.m. CFH coffee and

social hour will take place inthe Lombard Room, to be followed by our

academic session next door in the Powell Room. The topic is adiscussion of

the challenging new alternative textbook on American history, THE MISSING


STATES HISTORY.The authors, James Juhnke and Carol Hunter, will be

there to explain anddefend the book (and dodge stale doughnuts thrown at

them) from the critics, our board membersMichael Hamilton, Barbara

Hoffmann, and Rick Kennedy. It is bound to be a stimulating time of

interaction and debate.

Once again, thanksfor your loyal support of the CFH. This has made

our organization the success that it is. Again, please note that mynew

mailing address is: Department of History, Gordon College,Wenham MA

01984; Home phone=978/922-6045.; and my eMail=CharRichP @aol.com.

Dick Pierard


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From the Book Review Editor

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Doug Sweeney(Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, eMail=

dsweeney@trin.edu) would like to hearfrom people who are willing to

review books for FIDESET HISTORIA. Contact him at Trinity Evangelical

Divinity School 2065 HalfDay Road Deerfield IL 60015, or by eMail at