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Conference on Faith & History Biennial Fall Meeting

Confession, Tradition, Perspective:

Tools and Communities of Interpretation for the Christian Historian

October 10-12, 2002, Huntington College, Huntington, Indiana

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Call for Papers

Session and panel proposals for the 2002meeting of The Conference

on Faith andHistory should in some fashion consider the resources that

believing historians might utilize in organizing and interpreting the past.


program represents a departure from the"traditional" conference orientation

of past meetings, whose sessions largely showcasedconventional papers that

primarily displayed the external outworking ofprimary research.

Discussions at the upcoming meeting, by contrast,will consider the

confessional frameworks and traditions of Christian beliefthat informthe

ways Christians both evaluate the "nuts and bolts" of historical research and

respond to larger trends in modern historiography.

The intent of the meeting isto provide a forum for discussing the

particular Christian confessional obligations,doctrinal convictions,

methodological tenets, communities of discourse,moral ideals, and/or

philosophical perspectives that givelife to Christian historical analysis. We

anticipate livelydebate and productive/practical discussions about the

mission of Christians working in the historical profession. By extension, we

look forward to a thoughtfulexploration of the meaning and purpose of the

Conference on Faith and History itself.

Sessions comprised of formal papers will each belimited to no more

than twoparticipants and one discussant, and papers should be somewhat

brief in the interest of allowing maximal time for audience interaction. Round

Table panels should include four or fiveparticipants who will each offer brief

commentary on the given topic, primarily as grist for audience participation

and discussion. Themeeting will also include several plenary sessions that

intend to be provocative and generate discussion bothwithin and outside

these forums. Complete sessions & Round Table panels are encouraged.

Deadline for submission of proposals:April 1, 2002.