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parallel to those being raised in this meeting using resources available totheir

respective communities of faith.

*Analyze thecategories of race, class, and/or gender using

confessional or other Christian resources

*Explore the unique challenges of historical writing(from term papers

to monographs)

Please send proposals and program questions to:

Dr. Jay D. Green

Department of History

Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, Georgia 30750


IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol6nr2.h02.gif

First CFH Biennial Student Research Conference

October 9-10,2002, Huntington College, Huntington IN

IMAGE Imgs/cfh_newsletter_vol6nr2.h02.gif

Call for Papers

The Conference on Faith and History is pleased toannouncea call for

proposals for panels and papers for its FirstBiennial Student Research

Conference at Huntington College, October9-10,2002. Undergraduates,

graduate students and those contemplating graduate school areencouraged

to submit panel proposalsas well as standard research papers for

presentation. Prospective presentersshould be in concert with the

membership philosophy of the CFHwhich is composed of committed

Christians concerned with relating their faith to historical study.

The Student Research Conference will beconducted in a traditional

manner givingstudents the opportunity to present their work in a formal

setting with respondents from among themembership of the CFH. The

Conference willbegin with a plenary session dedicated to issues revolving

around graduate school options in history and the job market.


Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to meetfellow

Christian undergraduate and graduate students in history, experiencepaper