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presentations and follow-up discussions, discovergraduate school options,

and attend the main meeting of the Conference on Faith and History whichis

to follow. (This year's theme forthe CFH Biennial Fall Meeting is

"Confession, Tradition, Perspective: Tools and Communitiesof Interpretation

for the Christian Historian" and is scheduled for October 10-12,2002at

Huntington College.)

Tentative Program Student Research Conference Program

9 October:

10 October:

10-12 October

Evening Plenary session on "Christians in history graduateprograms"

Morning and afternoon paper presentation sessions and a luncheon.

Biennial Fall Meeting of the CFH

Proposals will bereceived from any undergraduate or graduate

student who is a member of the CFHor who is in concert with the purposes

of the CFH. Please submit twocopies of proposals (1 page abstract) for

panels and papers No later than May 15, 2002to:

Prof. Thomas Mach

Department of Social Sciences and History

Cedarville University

251 North Main Street, Cedarville OH 45314

or by eMail to macht@cedarville.edu.

Please includea cover letter providing your name, address, phone

number and e-mail address, any previouspapers or publications, educational

history, and any other pertinent information.

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CFH Conferences Web Site

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For moreor less (sometimes more, often times less), continuously

(almost) updated information (surely you jest) on the Fall2002 CFH

conferences, please check the CFH conferences web sites:

----->For the Student Research Conference:


---->For the Biennial CFH Fall Conference:


----->For Huntington Attractions: