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Bob Linder (Kansas State University) is allegedly "working18 hour days here

in Sydney, Australia, trying to finish along-term writing project."He will be

there until August2002. How about dropping him an eMail=

bob.linder@rmc.nsw.edu.au(ED NOTE:The invasioncontinues. First

Linder, now Pierard. Could the caves of Tora Bora be next? Stay tuned.)

Membership inTHE HISTORICAL SOCIETY currently numbers some 1500

people. Why not consider joining? The costis minimal, $10 for students and

$20 for everyoneelse. A subscription to THE JOURNAL is an additional $30.

Forms are availableat their web site, www.bu.edu/historic. Those who

cannot travel to the bi-annual national conferences canattend numerous

regional meetingswith distinguished scholars discussing important historical

questions from a variety ofperspectives in informal settings. Visit the web

site for the myriad (ED NOTE:accordingto the OED, either 10,000 or

"countless". Enrich your word power by reading the CFH NEWSLETTER.)of

programs and lectures that THS has sponsored. Membersalso receive a

newsletter three times a year with regional news, provocativeviewpoints,

commentaries, conference reports, historiographical essays, and information

about the activities of THS members. The THS will hold its third national

conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 16-19, 2002. For details,see

www.bu.edu/historic/conference.htmlor contact The Historical Society,656

Beacon Street, Mezzanine, Boston, MA 02215-2010.

Jessica Swisher of The International Institute for Christian Studieswrites:

"The IICS is a non-profit academic missions organization, committed to

placing individuals withPhD's in teaching positions in secular universities

around the world. I believe that someof your members might be interested

in participating inthis exciting and unique ministry opportunity. To our

knowledge, IICS is the only organizationcommitted exclusively to providing

full-time faculty for appointments of one year orlonger to secular

universities outside North America. Since 90% ofthe world's leaders attend a

university, this is a strategic and too often unreached people group.What a

fantastic way for Christians in your field toparticipate in missions using their

education and experience. Please contact me for moreinformation.

eMail=teach@iics.com; web site=www.iics.com."