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Seminar Announcement

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From Tertullian to Tutu: Africa's Place
in Two Millennia of Christian History

Andrew Walls, Centre for the Study of Christianity inthe Non-

Western World, University of Edinburgh, willbe leading a seminar

sponsored by Calvin College, Calvin TheologicalSeminary, & Fuller

Theological Seminary, June 17 - July 5, 2002, at Calvin College.

This reading seminar will explore themes in AfricanChristian history

in its premissionary, missionary, and post-missionary phases from theearly

centuries to the present.It will consider the intersections of that history with

the Christian historyof other continents, including African influences in

Western theology, the intercontinental transfersthat produced Afro-America

and gave it specialChristian significance, and aspects of African relationships

with theSemitic world and India. The seminar will take note of images of

Africa in Western literature and social thought, and of African visions of the

Christian destiny of the continent. At a point when the West seemsto be

entering a post-Christian phase and Christianity a post-Westernone, "From

Tertullian to Tutu" ponders the place of Africa in the history of redemption.

Faculty at colleges, universities, and seminaries, as well as advanced

graduate students are welcome to apply. Seminarparticipants will meet daily

for lectures and to discuss common readings. Personal researchprojects are

not required, but participants are welcome to use the Calvin College library

facilities and to engagethe assistance of the seminar leader if they wish to

pursue a research project while attending the seminar.

For more information go to www.calvin.edu/fss.

applications is February 8, 2002.

The deadline for