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C. S. Lewis Summer Institute, 2002/CALL FOR PAPERS

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The C.S.Lewis Summer Institute at Oxford and Cambridge

Universities will be July 14-27, 2002. The conference theme is:"Timeand

Eternity: The Cosmic Odyssey."The C. S. Lewis Summer Institute is an

interdisciplinary conference that serves as a focal pointof the C. S. Lewis

Foundation's effortsto encourage a renaissance of Christian scholarship and

artistic expressionamong faculty. The Institute will feature two

internationally recognized plenary speakers each morningwith faculty

papers to be presented in the afternoons. Speakerswill include John

Polkinghorne, ElaineStorkey, Peter Kreeft, Robert Russell, Frederica

Mathewes-Green, Russell Stannard, andBishop Kallistos Ware, among many


Papers should address a topic thatrelates to the stated theme of the

conference, "Time and Eternity: The Cosmic Odyssey."Proposals are

welcome from all academic disciplines, including theprofessions (business,

engineering, medicine, education, policy studies, law, etc.)as well as the

natural, social, and behavioral sciences and thetraditional humanities. In

addition, proposals on any aspect of the life and writings of C. S. Lewisand

related authors (i.e., the Inklings) are especially solicited.

Individual papers should have a readingtime of no more than twenty

minutes in duration.Selected papers will be grouped in sessions with one or

two other similarpapers, to be followed by a respondent or chaired

discussion period or both. Proposals should include an abstract of about 300

words describing the content of the paper and its relationship to thetheme of

"Time and Eternity." A two-page CV or resume withcomplete contact

information, including e-mail address, should also be included. All proposals

will be acknowledged by e-mail. Acceptancewill be communicated by March

15, 2002.

Deadline for submission of proposals: January 15, 2002.

Send inquiries to:Prof. Harold K. Bush,Jr., Department of English, St.

Louis University, 3800 Lindell Avenue, St. Louis MO 63108; eMail=