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Annual dues in the CFH are$20.00 ($15 for students and retired

persons), payable at the beginning of the calendar year. Fullinformation is

given on our web site at www.huntington.edu/cfh.

Current members should havereceived a notice from the secretary-

treasurer in November 2001. If you did not receive sucha missive, your

membership may have alreadylapsed, leaving you vulnerable to flu, the

dengue fever, and unannounced FBI visits. Don't delay!

If you would like to renew your membership or wouldlike to become

a member of the Conference on Faith andHistory, please complete the form

below and send it posthaste with the appropriate dues payment to:

Richard V. Pierard

Gordon College

Department of History

Wenham, MA 01984

------------------------------------------please print---------------------------------------------


Institutional Affiliation

Mailing Address


eMail Address