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Vol. 7, Nr. 1Spring, 2002

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Confession, Tradition, Perspective

by Jay Green, Covenant College

The "Call forPapers" for the 2002 fall meeting at Huntington College

went out late last December,and again we ask you to consider participating,

either formallyor informally. The program is already shaping up to be a

strong one, and, although the deadline for proposals is listed asApril 1, the

delay in getting the call delivered to the membership makes meinclinedto

extend consideration of proposals for a few more weeks. Send me your ideas

as soon as you can.

(For more, see: www.huntington.edu/cfh/2002huntington.htm.)

The program itselfwas designed to create an environment in which

CFH membersand fellow travelers could thoughtfully and intently consider

the meanings of "Faith & History"among our diverse membership, and our

even more diversepotential membership. Our theme this year revolves

around the notions of confession, tradition, and perspective, a triad thatseeks

to capture some of the rich ways that believing historians have andmight yet

wed their religious identities with the vocations of historicalthinking,

scholarship, and teaching.

They reflect the complexity and diversity of the

Christian church, urging CFH members to move beyond (though not away

from) our lowest common denominator affirmations of faith.

In point of fact, none of us experience, receive, or engagethe Christian

life in exactly the same manner.

There's no single, generic way of "being"