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The First Biennial Student Research Conference

by Tom Mach, Cedarville University

As most of you know by now, the CFH is sponsoring its first ever

Student Research Conference this fall on October 9-10,prior to the beginning

of the main Biennial Meeting. The purpose ofthis conference is to allow

undergraduates, graduate students andthose contemplating graduate school

to present a research work in aprofessional setting. The conference will

begin on the evening of the9th with a plenary session dedicated to the topic

of Christians in history graduate programs.

We are working on a panel of a

few key speakers who can address the many issuesrelated to the graduate

school process. This helpful and informative session will be followedup on

Thursday with severalpresentation sessions both morning and afternoon

with a break for lunch. Weare pleased to announce that George Marsden

(Notre Dame) willbe our luncheon speaker. The presentations will be done

in standard style with student presenters and faculty discussantsfrom among

the membership of the CFH. The discussants will providehelpful criticisms

and insightsfor the student presenters, as well as encouraging them in their

scholarly pursuits.

Huntington College has graciously agreed to provide housing and

meals for the student conference(housing for Wednesday, October 9; dinner

Wednesday; lunch and breaks Thursday). Thus, no student shouldfeel that

he or she can not afford to attend. In addition,students are encouraged to

come and stay for the entire Fall Meeting whether ornot they are presenting

(see below for information of costs related to the CFH Fall Meetingfor

students). The meeting will be an excellentopportunity for students to see

professional historians at work and to be exposed to some ofthe most recent

work in the historiography ofChristian historians. The opportunity to meet

other Christian students in the fieldof history may provide the foundation

for life-long academic relationships.

The student research conference has been announced throughthis

Newsletter, amailing of the Call for Papers to Council of Christian Colleges

and Universities schools, and postings on various listservs and thewebpage