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of the Associationof Catholic Colleges and Universities. However, we need

your help in a variety of ways. First, students willnot hear about the

conference unless their faculty members tell them about it.

Most would be

affirmed andflattered to have a faculty member approach them about

submitting a proposal for the conference. I encourage you to doso with

your students that are considering graduate workor those students that you

know are already beginning graduate programs. These paperscan be in any

field of history. Perhaps your college can sponsor agroup to come to

Huntington to present or justto attend and listen to the papers. Second, we

need members ofthe CFH who are willing to serve as discussants for the

student sessions. This is a great opportunityto invest in the careers of the

next generation ofChristian historians. Third, if you have ideas for or want

to participate in the discussion during the plenary session on Christiansin

graduate history programs, please let me know.

On behalf of my co-chair Dr. Jay Green, let me conclude bythanking

you for your support of this newfacet of the Biennial Meeting. We are very

appreciative of the many members of theCFH who have originated and

supported this idea. I think it has great potential to assistin meeting the

objectives of the CFH and further the discussion of how Christianity

influences the way we look at the past,but it will not be a success without

your involvement. If you or your students have any questions about the

conference, feel free to contact me via e-mail at macht@cedarville.eduor by

phone at 937/766-7936. I would be happy tosend you additional copies of

the Callfor Papers should you want them.

The deadline for the Student

Research Conference proposals is May 15th. I lookforward to meeting you

and your students at Huntington!

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For the regular CFH meeting,Thursday, October 10-Saturday,

October 12, we willprovide a much reduced conference fee of $20 for

currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students wishing toattend

the meeting. Thisfee covers the conference registration and the following

meals/breaks (Thursday: HCreception; Friday: breaks, lunch, banquet;

Saturday: breaks, lunch).

We will also try to facilitate inexpensive housing

(quad arrangements) for students who request it. Students willbe

responsible for paying for their own housing Thursday through Saturday.