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Another Pathetic Appeal

by Dwight Brautigam, Huntington College

Huntington in October!What could be finer? OK, don't answer that

question. But, plans are solidifying for theCFH biennial meeting here on

October 10-12, with the Student Research Conference beginning onOctober

9-10. Program co-chairs Jay Green and Tom Mach visited HuntingtonCollege

in early March, and together we reviewed logistics and program ideas.

Some exciting things are in the offing, as you've read above, andwe're

working hard to make sure the meeting will run as smoothly aspossible.

Check the CFH website (www.huntington.edu/cfh/cfh_conference.htm)

periodically for updates to the schedule and other attractionstoo numerous

to mention; we'll postchanges as we confirm additional details. Rest assured

that we will have the traditional Friday eveningbanquet; we are also

tentatively planning a receptionfollowing Thursday evening's plenary

session. There will also be other opportunities to overeat.

Details arestill sketchy on the tours of the supersecret Newsletter

Bunker, but if you bring your national security card,that will enable us to do

FBI background checks on the spot. And don't payany attention to the black

helicopters hovering about; they're just part of our new semi-secret Tsetsefly

elimination program.

On a more serious note, watch your mailboxes in Julyfor the official

registration materials. There you'll find a moredetailed schedule, registration

costs andinstructions, hotel and airport information, and additional

tantalizing details about the meeting. If you need to reserve a flight soon,

please know that we will make every effort to providetransportation from

and to the FortWayne International Airport (FWA), which is about 25

minutes from our campus.

Please contactme with any questions you may have about local

arrangements, byeMail at dbrautigam@huntington.edu or by telephone at

260/ 359-4223. See you in October!